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What You Will Learn

Discover your true potential as a drummer

Learn to play your favourite tunes

Start Improvising using our systematic approach

Gain the skills to perform with confidence

Pre-requisites –

Must be curious to learn Must be above 7 years



Technique – Drum Rudiments, Stick and Pedal Techniques, Co-ordination and Independence Study

Vocabulary – Study of Subdivisions, Syncopation, Basic Drum Programming, Shuffle and Funk Grooves

Improvisation – Playing drum fill in context using dynamics, pitches, and motifs.

Musicianship – Learn to accompany Pop tunes with great groove and musicality.


Technique – Snare Solos, Creative bass Drum Techniques, 4-way Co-ordination, Drum Rudiments study

Vocabulary – Learning to Play Swing, Song form in Blues, Essential Funk Tunes, Linear Fills

Improvisation – With multiple subdivisions, Improv over a Vamp and 12 bar blues

Musicianship – Essentials of accompanying a band, Locking in with a bass player, Analysis iconic drum grooves and solos


Technique – Advanced drum rudiments and solos, Advanced pedal techniques, Efficiency is motion, sound, and developing touch

Vocabulary – Transcribing drum solos, World grooves, Developing flow on the drums, Stylistic analysis of Iconic drummers

Improvisation – Trading in a Jazz Standard, Creating rhythmic tension and release, Call and response soloing

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