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What You Will Learn

Discover your true potential as a pianist

Learn to play your favourite tunes

Start Improvising using our systematic approach

Gain the confidence to perform with confidence

Pre-requisites –

Must be curious to learn Must be above 7 years



Technique – Melodic (Diatonic) movements, Comping/Accompaniment in Triads.

Theory – Staff notation ( Rhythmic/Melodic) , Diatonic system (Tonal harmony).

Repertoire – Classic Rock/Pop tunes, Western classical pieces.

Performance – learn how to interpret & perform Pop Chord charts/Beginners Western Classical Scores.


Technique – Comping with inversions, Voice leading, diatonic/non diatonic (Blues Maj/Min) melodic improvisation, arpeggios.

Theory – Introduction to 7th chords, Non Diatonic Scales.

Repertoire – Major/Minor Blues, Early Jazz Standards, Funk, Bossa.

Performance – Learn how to interpret and perform early Jazz/Blues tunes, Intermediate Western classical pieces and melodic Improvisation.


Technique – Stride piano, walking bass, Advance Comping/accompaniment styles.

Theory – Introduction to upper structures harmonies, modes, block chords.

Repertoire – Contemporary, Art, Avant-garde, Rock, pop, jazz, funk for solo, duo, trio and Ensemble setting.

Performance – learn how to interpret, Arrange Jazz standards, advance Western Classical pieces and Modal improvisation.

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