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Shyamant Behal

Next Batch March 2023

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Language English

Next Batch March 2023

Shyamant Behal

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Learn classical right hand technique that allows you create a variety of tones to use.

Learn how to work with a technique that can play melody and harmonies together.

Learn to interpret a score in great detail.
Become familiar with various genres of music from across the world

Pre-requisites –

Must want to learn the instrument Any age over 7 No prior experience necessary


Technique – Develop a strong left hand that has the stamina to play for longer periods of time and a right hand that can tackle fairly complex music. Work on a program over a few months in order to understand mastering pieces to performance level.

Ear Training – Double stop scales in octaves and other intervals. Playing polyrhythms comfortably. Understanding triplets and irregular time signatures.

Performance – Playing complex pieces that involve counterpoint and a range of techniques. Understanding various genres of music stretching from Bach to modern Cuban music.


Technique – Developing the fluency to play music that may be difficult both technically and musically.Being comfortable with all the major techniques required to play advanced pieces.

Ear training – Good understanding of music theory, familiarity with various styles of music from the 16th Century to the present

Performance – Performing a program of concert works by different composers. Learning how to interpret beyond what is indicated on a score, essentially being able to understand the music well enough to internalise it.


Technique – How to hold the guitar and position it without causing stress to the body. How to practice efficiently

Ear Training – Major and Minor scales and arpeggios, exercises to understand and play different rhythms, singing

Performance – Play pieces up to grade 3/4 level. Begin understanding how to play bass lines, melodies and harmonies simultaneously.