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Karan Khosla

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Karan Khosla

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Jazz Bass Scholarship

Batch Size: Maximum 6 students

Duration: 8 weeks (online)

Scholarship (Covers Full Tuition)

Pre-requisites –

Must already have been playing bass for 6-12 months Be over the age of 15 Must be willing attend every class!


JB 101
  • Learn essential jazz “forms”
  • Learn how to play over essential jazz repertoire
  • How to play using “two feel” and “walking bass”
  • Learn about playing at different tempos and situations 

Video Testimonial and Student Final Project

Congratulations to our Jazz Bass Scholarship students for completing the foundation 101 part of the course! Here’s to Level 2! Here is Nitesh Rathee’s recap of the programme and a preview of his final project!

Excellent work Nitesh (and Neeraj!)Nitesh and Neeraj learned about playing over essential jazz tunes using walking bass-lines, vocabulary, developing a “swing” feel, playing at various tempos and over many different styles.


The GJA Experience

It’s been an incredible journey learning jazz bass at GJA, we learned how to create walking basslines and so much more in detail and in a really fun way, – I’m excited to learn more!

Nitesh Rathi

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