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Matt Warnock

Akash Kumar

Karan Khosla

Sidhharth Rajmohan

Meera Desai

Next Batch August 2022

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Next BatchAugust 2022

Matt Warnock

Akash Kumar

Karan Khosla

Sidhharth Rajmohan

Meera Desai

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Jazz Ensemble Scholarship

Course Duration: 10 weeks

Instruments: Bass, Guitar, Piano, Saxophone, Voice, Drums

Full Tuition Scholarship (Value: INR 90,000)

Learn the fundamentals of improvisation through Jazz,

Learn how to play and improvise with other musicians,

Learn and perform a variety of different styles of music,

Create an ensemble/band that will be able to perform in Goa and across India,

Get access to world-class learning resources

Pre-requisites –

Be willing to live in Goa (for the duration of the course) Ages 15+ Commit to 4 hours of training/week Registration fee (upon selection) of Rs 12,500

Video Testimonial

Watch students from the previous three batches talk about the scholarship programme and its benefits. Each two-month programme ends with a recital at the Academy.

The Goa Jazz Academy’s Jazz Ensemble Scholarship Programme, sponsored by Guitar For Life LLC is of the finest introductory music programmes in the country.

Students get access to world-class resources and learn about music theory, improvisation, how to learn songs, how to solo and how to perform with other musicians.

Previous Batches of The Scholarship Programme:

Batch 1

Ensemble Batch 1

Batch 2

Ensemble Batch 2

Batch 3

Ensemble Batch 3

Batch 4

Ensemble Batch 4

The GJA Experience

The eight-week programme taught me to listen to others, to give them space, to compete and collaborate. It didn’t just improve me as a musician, it improved me as a person

Deepak Narayanan

The scholarship strengthened my foundation and expand my horizon in jazz music which made me become a better soloist and overall accompanist. The things I learnt at the academy are definitely tools that I now incorporate into my own music and other projects that I work on. Thank you Goa Jazz Academy!

Rachel Koyama

The Level 1 Ensemble course offered by the Goa Jazz Academy added a different perspective and a different way to approach music as a whole. It’s an amazing experience doing it together as an Ensemble.

Swizel Costa