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GJA Bass Guitar Playlist

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  • You can play too!

    The GJA bass programme is a truly original programme and we have students aged 7 to 70. We truly believe that anyone can learn how to play! Choose from a selection of short-duration “elective” courses or our flagship one-year programme!

  • Learn to Improvise and Create!

    Take your to the next level by learning to improvise using our systematic approach to Improvisation.

  • Perform with Confidence!

    Have fun with our structured approach that will get you ready to play on the bandstand!

Programmes/Elective Courses Featuring Bass Guitar:

The GJA Experience

One-Year Programme at GJA!

Choose from our four unique options for each semester (three semesters in a year): ‘Core’, ‘Performance’, ‘Ensemble’, and ‘Comprehensive’.

Each track is tailored to your learning needs and interests, whether you’re looking to master your instrument, delve into theory, join a jazz ensemble, or explore an elective course. 🎹

With innovative teaching tools and engaging pedagogy, we’re here to make your learning experience educational, enjoyable, and inspiring. 🎼

So, are you ready to hit the right notes with us?