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GJA’s Ukulele Playlist

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  • You can play too!

    We have students from the age of 7 to 70, anyone can learn how to play the Ukulele!

  • Learn to Improvise and Create

    Learn the joys of improvisation and creating music with this beginner friendly instrument.

  • Perform with Confidence

    Use a structured but fun system to help you overcome any fears of playing with others and performing.

The GJA Experience

Finding committed teachers for kids is a rarity. Rachel ensured that Dev was able to play a song after just one class! – Paola (Dev’s Mom)


Ukulele Student

The Course I Took

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We provide private lessons both on campus and online to help you progress faster with a structured and fun curriculum designed to suit your musical goals.

Each private class is tailored made to help each student feel comfortable with the instrument and expose them early on to the art of singing and playing. Once this is possible, students can refine their goals and think about genres, styles and more advanced concepts like improvisation, music theory, composition and more.

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