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  • You can sing too!

    We have students from the age of 7 to 70. We truly believe that anyone can learn how to sing!

  • Learn to Improvise and Create Music!

    Take your singing to the next level by learning to improvise using our systematic approach to Improvisation. Ever wanted to learn how to create melodies and music? Our systematic approach to composition for singers is right for you.

  • Perform with Confidence

    Have fun with our structured approach that will get you ready to sing on the bandstand!

The GJA Experience

I have started improvising on both voice and piano in a matter of months. Learning at GJA is fun! I highly recommend it.

Roshni Sridhar

Piano and Voice Student

The Course I Took

“GJA is my favorite go to place, my happy place. I learn guitar and drums. My teachers are patient, kind and very encouraging. I always leave feeling GREAT!

Nancy Mendonsa

Guitar and Drums Student

The Course I Took

The ensemble course at GJA opened my eyes to a whole new world of vocal jazz improvisation. I loved every minute of it.

Varshita Ramesh

Ensemble Program Student

The Course I Took

I am a much more confident and self-aware musician after studying the foundation course at GJA. I recommend this course highly!

Shambhavi Mishra

Music Foundation Certificate Course Student

The Course I Took

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We provide one-on-one private lessons and provide a customized curriculum to suit your musical goals. Our performance-centric approach to teaching helps you become a well-rounded musician who can perform with confidence.

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