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GJA is dedicated to creating an accessible and affordable platform for music education in the subcontinent.

  • 50

    Number of Graduates

  • 10,000 USD

    Scholarships Awarded

  • 12 Weeks

    Average Duration of Programmes

The GJA Experience

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Ensemble Batch 4

How Your Support Helps:

Clifton Seqeuira and Swizel Costa come from Majorda, a small village in the South of Goa. Clifton and Swizel were recipients of our first Ensemble Training Scholarship and, since then, have received other scholarship awards for study at GJA from various benefactors.

Thanks to the support of generous sponsors, Swizel and Clifton have been able to continue studying at GJA and make their way to becoming professional musicians – in fact, they recently got a chance to open for the Jazz India Festival!

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If you would like to support GJA by financially supporting one of our programmes, please do connect us by sending us an email.

We have many students who need financial support; please do consider donating towards our scholarship fund.

INR 6000 supports four lessons per month of high-quality instruction.

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